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Weaponry Rules

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Weaponry Rules Empty Weaponry Rules

Post by KappaTaijiya Theshon on Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:20 pm

Suigetsu's Weapon Guide
Weaponry Rules 419911-image196

This is the basic guide on weaponry, and all that that entails. Within this subcategory are two popular specialties, which will be described here as well as have their differences described. The two previously mentioned specialties are those of Bukijutsu and Kenjutsu, and each of which share similarities but have strict differences that should be kept in mind; these differences are brief and easy to follow. For the most part, there is no difference between these two specialties, however there are minor differences.

Bukijutsu is the more universal use of weapons. With this specialty, ninjas are able to fight on and off with most all weapons at varied, if not advanced, skill levels. In order to put this into a canon sense, this would be the specialty that Tenten uses; this is the specialty that involves whipping out numerous weapons with a masterful hand, and throwing or using them as you wish. Most ninja of this specialty use scrolls to hold the numerous weapons that they may carry, however this is not always the case, and they may hold the weapons on their person. Bukijutsu comes with physical training, like taijutsu, and involves numerous styles and ways of dealing with multiple weapons. Think of when Tenten uses a staff, and then quickly transfers to a bow, followed by a volley of well aimed projectile attacks - this style involves an energetic style of combat that allows the shinobi to quickly adjust, take note of the situation, and to apply what is needed to push through. The only way that this style differs from kenjutsu is when the user achieves the rank of jounin, otherwise known as A rank, or S rank. When this happens, and the shinobi ranks up, they reach their limit. Weaponry users of this type (bukijutsu) are allowed any number of S-rank weapons (upon reaching S rank, of course), however their weapon abilities can be no higher than A-rank. "Weapon abilities" refers to the skill level at which they handle said weapon; in other words, despite the rank or level of the weapon, you would only be able to wield the weapon with the skill of a jounin, or A rank. As for the jutsu, A rank (or jounin) bukijutsu specialists are able to use any and all jutsu that are specified as bukijutsu techniques. However, they can only use kenjutsu techniques as high as one rank below (B rank). The same rules apply for S rank shinobi - they can only use kenjutsu techniques as high as one rank below (A rank).

Kenjutsu, although literally meaning sword techniques, describing the dedication to a single weapon type; in this case a sword. However, kenjutsu as a whole means simply that - a heightened dedication to a single weapon. If I were to pull from the anime for examples of kenjutsu, as described here, I would suggest someone take a look at Kisame, Zabuza Momochi, or even Temari with her avid use of the fan. Kenjutsu, unlike bukijutsu, is, in most cases more grounded and comes from a slightly more traditional sense. This art of combat is extremely active, just like bukijutsu and taijutsu, and also is heavily dependent and powerful when used in combination with styles and techniques. Kenjutsu, depending on what weapon is being specialized with, means that the shinobi handles weapons with skill in most all areas, however shows more extreme detail in the way that he or she handles a certain kind of weapon; fans, swords, axes, spears, staffs, etc. Weaponry users of this type are limited to one S-rank weapon type and can have S-rank weapon abilities with those weapons. "Weapon abilities" refers to the skill level at which they handle said weapon; in other words, you are able to obtain S rank weapons of whatever weapon type you are specializing in, and use that weapon at the S rank ability. All weapons that are not that selected weapon type must be made at A rank at the highest, and the shinobi's "weapon abilities" would only extend to the A rank level with those weapons. Kenjutsu users can have S rank weapons of their specialized weapon, as well as make S rank jutsu for said weapons. An example of what someone might put on their character application when picking the kenjutsu's specialized weapon is as follows, using swords as an example: "Kenjutsu: Swords" as simple as that. Bam. Done. As for the jutsu, A rank (or jounin) kenjutsu specialists are able to use any and all jutsu that are specified as kenjutsu techniques. However, they can only use bukijutsu techniques at B rank and below. The same rules apply for S rank shinobi - they can only use buikjutsu techniques as high as one rank below (A rank).

Non Weapon Users:
This includes anyone that does not have weaponry in either form, bukijutsu or kenjutsu, on their application. Ninjas of this category have minimal weaponry experience, or at least do not focus in this area. As such, weapon creation for these ninjas follows the same rules as creating jutsu out of your specialty - you must and can only create weapons at two ranks below your own.

Something To Note:
Since there has been a great deal of confusion, I would like to let all players know that Bukijutsu and Kenjutsu can be swapped at any point between character updates between C rank and A rank, but not after. This is because there is no difference in the styles or specialties, technically, and the transfer from one to the other is not at all far fetched. What is more, many of the choices made on whether or not to pick kenjutsu vs. bukijutsu were not founded on these rules, and thus this may make you rethink, and want to change your mind. Please note that these changes can only be made once, and only before the shinobi reaches A rank/upon their A rank character update.

Weapon Template:

Name: [Name of your weapon.]
Appearance: [Give a good description. Give dimensions/lengths of blades and different parts. If you have a picture, use it, but please place it in spoilers. There should be a good three or four sentences here easily.]
Rank: [The rank of your weapon. This should be thought about when choosing your weapon's ability. Keep in mind that weapons at or below the C rank cannot have any kind of chakra related ability.]
Range: [For melee weapons like swords, axes, etc, just state how long it reaches. For non melee weapons, like dart launchers, post their maximum range.]
Special Abilities: [The weapons ability. C rank and below weapons cannot have abilities that go beyond normal weapon abilities, and cannot have anything chakra related. Higher ranked weapons start to be able to conduct and use chakra. Zabuza's sword, from the anime, for instance, was able to absorb iron from people's blood and rebuild the blade that way.]
Descriptions: [A basic description of whatever may have not been covered in the appearance section. What is more, some items require further explanation of their abilities, and that further reading can be placed here.]
Origin: [The weapons history. How it came to be.]


[b]Special Abilities:[/b]

Armor Template:

Name: [Name of your armor.]
Appearance: [Give a basic description of what your armor is made of, what it looks like.]
Rank: [Give the rank of the armor, keeping in mind it's abilities.]
Coverage: [How much of your body does the armor cover, and which body parts?]
Special Abilities: [Does your armor have any special abilities? Keep in mind that, like weapons, armor cannot have any kind of extraordinary power at C rank or below, and cannot conduct chakra with its natural ability at C rank or below.]
Descriptions: [Should something need further explaining from appearance or the special ability, that can go here.]
Origin: [The history of your armor, who made, etc.]


[b]Special Abilities:[/b]
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