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The Coruscantians

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The Coruscantians Empty The Coruscantians

Post by KappaTaijiya Theshon on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:18 am

The Coruscantians is a winged race. Their wings take form of various of forms such as dragon,angle, fairy,and even vampire wings. They have sharp, pointed, retractable teeth that emerge from their gums and extend beyond their human teeth,they appear human except for their yellow eyes, fangs, and claws, and they use their superior abilities and enhanced senses to hunt humans and eat their hearts.

They have superior strength and agility. They have elongated, sharp fangs and claws. They have enhanced sight and smell. They also age a lot slower the other species and can live to be up to 1,000 years old and look to be in their early 30s.

Coruscantians are the most attractive species in the universe other species fallow in love with them at first sight. Though their beauty made them out to be gods on planet earth. Most humans taught the Coruscatians were gods and fallow them.

The Coruscantian being the oldest species in the universe like the Musfartains have discovered how to travel in space. Though their weapons are basic like humans however their weapons are much heavier and dose more damage.

The Coruscatians are masters of the elements but are extremely weak to genjutsu. They can not preform genjutsu nor summon creatures. The Corustains starts out with a extra element when making their characters.

The Coruscatian's culture forces them into arrange marriages. They are picked who they are going marry before they are born. When they connect with their life time partner they can communicate with each other telepathically. They can sense when each other is in danger.

They can also fly due to their wings. They feed on blood and flesh.If they have enough blood, they can heal quickly from any wound besides amputation.They use usually seal the nuclei of their abilities within the form of a sword, which is entirely different from what the Shinobi use.
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