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Earth Storyline

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Earth Storyline

Post by Tobi on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:13 pm

Earth's Storyline
The ninja world has changed vastly over the past 30 years. New technology, new jinchuriki, and a change in the amount of villages. As Obito and Madara were using The First Hokage's DNA to control the Ten-Tails, the Ten-Tails started to resist control. Obito convinces Madara to let him be the jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails. Obito eventually seals the Ten-Tails inside of his body and he becomes the jinchuriki of it.

Obito being jinchuriki gave him god-like power that he used to reflect his Mangekyō Sharingan on to the moon, the prison of the Ten-Tails' body, and shroud the world in an "Infinite Tsukuyomi" (無限月読, Mugen Tsukuyomi). This scheme would resulted in Obito's ability to manipulate every living creature, ceasing all conflict by purging free will itself from the world.

Eventually Obito died of old age though, and the ridiculous power of the Ten-Tails. The Ten-Tails was once again released onto the world. The ninja have been fighting the Ten-Tails for a year now. The numbers of ninja dying are immeasurable.

The Ten-Tails have destroyed three villages, leaving Konohagakure and Sunagakure left. Most ninja from the other three villages have died, and some have just moved to the last two surviving villages.

The old generation of ninja are having a hard time defeating the Ten-Tails. Even Killer-B and Naruto are struggling. They can't do it alone...and now it is time for a new generation of ninja to shine! A new era, with new ninja, new powers, new technology, new discoveries, and much more! This...is....the....Naruto Universe....


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