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Bijuuian Race

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Bijuuian Race

Post by Tobi on Mon Jan 21, 2013 11:52 pm

Bijuuian Race
The Bijuuian race are a sub-race of Bijuus, that are smaller and less powerful versions of them. Their bodies are anthropomorphic and less beast like, compared to Bijuus. Bijuuians are also very physically strong and fast due to their beast like features. Although Bijuuians are less powerful versions of Bijuus , they are still Bijuus making them still have huge amounts of chakra.

Bijuuians were created from the immense power of the Ten-Tails. The Ten-Tails was the original Bijuu and his power was so immense that it traveled to the other planets. The power manifested itself into a physical form and Bijuuians were created.


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