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The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete]

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The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] Empty The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete]

Post by KappaTaijiya Theshon on Tue Jan 22, 2013 1:19 am

The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] 67901362

Name: kappataijiya theshon ,Elric
Nickname/Alias: Cut,Prophet of Balameshpe, Alchemist of life,and The Legendary Juudi Killer
Age: 220 years old
Looks:Cut has a light brown skin tone. He his a skinny man. Cut has golden brown eyes. His hair is solid black and hair looks like a circle of waves spiraling through out his head as an ocean.He received a thin, horizontal battle scar just above his right eye which remains because his subsequent battles cause the sensitive skin to tear open repeatedly.

His body is extremely cut up. He has a large about of a clean cut body feature. He have a deep cut defoliation trait of a six pack. He has large shoulders. His body if pure muscle and contains no fat.

Cut wears as his trademark a bright red, long-sleeved, hooded cloak whose tail comes down to his upper calves. Cut seems particularly partial to black and will nearly always dress in black trousers and some sort of black shirt under his coat. In his usual outfit, Cut primarily wears a sleeveless black shirt with a black jacket that has silver/white lining along the edges.Cut is rarely seen without his elevator shoes - black leather boots with thick, red soles. Additionally, he frequently wears white gloves when in public to conceal the fact that his right arm is artificial.Cut wears a fitted hat with sticker under the brim and hat's bill covering his eyes. He wears a doo-rag or hair net underneath the baseball cap. Wear the rag long and tied in the back, so that the rag hangs down on your shoulder. He wear light brown timberland boots and heavy a platinum chains and watches with embedded diamonds.Cut's teeth is embedded with diamonds and made up of platinum.He is often seen wearing black a bandanna over his face.

Personality: Though Cut's devotion to Alchemy , he is an unexpectedly softhearted, kindly individual who is quick to give compliments but loath to accept them. Hohenheim appears to care very little for his own well-being, much less his dignity, and is therefore often put in situations that give him the impression of being goofy or eccentric, adding greatly to the series' comic relief. Slow to anger and apparently a bit of a pacifist, Cut Elric would much rather talk out disputes than fight, frequently doing so even while he himself is under vicious attack. Chief among his personality traits appears to be his hopeless romanticism, given his propensity for spouting sappy lines about his past lovers.and his charming treatment of women in general. Cut Elric lacks the ambition of others, clearly content to take his time dealing with things that do not demand urgency.

His later self is stated by godly to be much more stoic and lifeless, the reason being that he'd purged himself of the humanly vices in an attempt to become the ultimate being. Cut is also cold, pitiless and believes that everyone around him are nothing but tools to be used as part of his plans.His thirst for power seems to be the only thing more important to him.

Cut has also stated that he feels no hatred or condescending feelings towards humans. He thinks merely sees humans as nothing more than stepping stones for himself, explaining his outright indifference towards them.

Despite his normally calm, brooding, calculating personality, he is shown to be extremely excited when his plans finally come together, showing a wicked, gleefully evil side to his personality. When outside of his human container and revealing his true form, he is often seen with a wicked grin.

Cut in a state of mind in which a he becomes angry or have "beast like" personality.Cut is a very talkative person. He could almost always be found with his friends at various spots in the village with a story to tell, some true and some fabricated (though, to his credit, he usually lets his listeners know when which is which). He is a good time loving-person who is very affable. He treats his friends like family and has no problem stepping in on their behalf or lending a helping hand. Whenever he is able to, he tends to have treats from his family's pastry shop for his friends.

Despite his good nature, he has a mean streak, especially when pushed or feels someone crosses the line. Whenever he is directly engaged with an enemy, he tries his best to get under his/her/their skin, constantly talking trash to enrage him/her/them into making a mistake that he could exploit. He also tends to add insult to injury, throwing back every insult his enemy said to him in his/her/their face

Cut has a special way of expressing his pride through song, more specifically in rap-style and tends to use "niqahchinka! beanwood!" when referring or speaking to others. He will even write his rhymes in the middle of a fight, or during an important meeting, even if they are no good, which is usually the case. This sometimes causes the people around him to become greatly annoyed by him.Cut also speaks in an alien slang.
Likes & Dislikes: He likes power and dislikes the Mustarians.
Catch Phrase: "My niqahchinka! "My beanwood!"

The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] 65051875

Clan Name: Elric Clan
Kekkei Genkai: Mechanical Limb

One of the Elric clan limbs are mechanical. Elric Clan members have the ability to change their mechanical limb into earth and musfar weapons and various robotic weaponry.This ability grants the user mechanized weaponry and abilities. They could fire one of its limb off as a long-range projectile, and could pull out his arms to reveal and fire a cluster of segmented missiles at its targets.

Kinton or Metal Element
The Elric clan have the rare elemental nature Kinton (Metal). They are able to create metal from their bodies, or gather it from the environment, or bend and manipulate it to their will. The Elric clan members possess a unique type of chakra in their cells. The chakra posesses the traits of the Chakra Ore crafted by Jouken, and is able to form a bond between metals and chakra energy. This allows the Elric to absorb metal into their body, and excrete it when desired. The metal in their body makes them heavy (30% heavier than a ninja of identical stature.) and durable. It hardens their bones and muscles, and thickens their blood. They are very strong, and can reshape the metal against their skin. Their affinity for metal requires mastery of a very specific type of chakra. As such, Elric members cannot use any other element unless they are a jounin rank or higher.The Elric's forbidden technique requires an open wound or even a scar to push blood up through the dead skin. When Cut had perfected his technique he had used pills filled with natural metals such as iron and copper in small amounts infusing them in his blood while also eating natural catalysts with foods. The combination along with major chakra control allows him to push his blood from underneath a scar or from an open wound and have it gather at the end of an index finger pointed in a mock gun fashion. Once the blood has gathered the metals are separated from the blood leaving a solid metal bullet. Obviously this technique can only be used so many times due to the obvious blood loss.

The seven Homunculi

The Elric clan most powerful and most used technique was the Homunculi. This technique allowed the Elric to control seven separate bodies as though they were his own. The Elric vision was linked with the bodies, he essentially had seven fields of vision, making it virtually impossible for his enemies to attack any of the bodies without being seen.Each body has be made similar to the andriods. They look human but are made up of metal.

The seven Homunculi possess the standard abilities : rapid regeneration, enhanced strength and speed, as well as near immortality. As for his homunculus power unique to himself, he has the ability to re-arrange the configuration of carbon atoms of his body, allowing him to convert his skin into all sorts of metal and weapons. He usually uses this ability to partially strengthen the density of selected parts of his body during battle, but can extend the effect to its entirety. In this form, he resembles a black-skinned demon with a malevolent facial visage. As The seven Homunculi has control over the configuration of his body's carbon atoms, the substances that he can convert his skin into can vary based on his intentions. He can choose to convert his skin into high durable metal.

The Homunculi have the ability to summon mechanised armour, augmenting their body with extra limbs and various robotic weaponry.This ability grants the user mechanised weaponry and abilities. It could also protrude a similar set of flexible blades from one of its arms. It could fire one of its left forearms off as a long-range projectile, and could pull out his arms to reveal and fire a cluster of segmented missiles at its targets. It could quickly propel itself forward with a burst of chakra from its boots, and could protract multiple blades and drills from its right arm in combat. Also, it could open up the crown of its head to release a powerful chakra blast that was capable of destroying numerous buildings at once.

The ability of the Homunculis are allows the body to retain energy at will and re-emit it later. Because they are so dependent on outside energy sources, over time they have lost their own natural storehouses. They have very high metabolisms, and very low chakra reserves. They eat constantly, and their bodies do not produce chakra efficiently at all. Their body contains only 32 tenketsu, as the chakra network is much smaller in them than in normal ninja. Usually 4 C-rank ninjutsu techniques will wear them out if they are relying on only their own chakra. The color of their iris fluctuates depending on skill, knowledge, and current elemental affinity. They haven't been able to master the absorption process, and lose a little energy when absorbing. They have a special fuuinjutsu placed on their palms to expedite the absorption of energy, and they have devised five new handsigns to help them control the borrowed power. When they abosrb a ninjutsu, they gain both an elemental charge and they refill most of their lost chakra. Their ability has four basic ranks, and it increases as they train.
Rank 1
• Irises change color to reflect the element of energy flowing through their chakra network. (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Lightning)
• Can absorb up to C rank elemental and chakra based jutsu.
• Takes 1/2 damage when absorbing, but suffers 100% of the normal pain.
• 25% energy loss on elemental energy.
• Can hold absorbed energy for only five seconds.
Rank 2
• Can absorb up to C rank elemental and chakra based jutsu.
• Takes minimal damage when absorbing, but suffers 100% of the normal pain.
• 25% energy loss on elemental energy.
• Can hold absorbed energy for only ten seconds.
Rank 3 - Chuunin Rank Required
• Gain second Doujutsu which allows them to see incoming elemental or energy jutsu before they are used.
• Can absorb B and A rank elemental and chakra based jutsu. Takes 1/2 damage and 100% of the normal pain.
• Takes minimal damage when absorbing C rank or less, but suffers 1/2 of the normal pain.
• Can hold absorbed energy for only fifteen seconds.
• Can hold up to two elements at once, but cannot mix them.
Rank 4 - Usually Jounin rank but some Chuunin.
• Can absorb A rank elemental and chakra based jutsu but takes 1/2 damage and 1/2 of the normal pain.
• Takes minimal damage when absorbing B rank or less, but suffers 1/2 of the normal pain.
• Can hold absorbed energy for up to thirty seconds.
• Can hold up to two elements at once, and can combine them into special level 2 elements.
• Increased absorption efficiency increases output by 50%.
Clan Symbol: The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTOm4f1ajZX4TjbzI-owXTWh7jwVQYFTEf_qfUYnK2MJtLjUIqtHg
Clan Jutsu: See Jutsu
Clan History: The Elric clan founders created alchemy. They study it from the begin of time allowing them vast progression in the art.

The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] 65744254

Village: Hidden Volcano Ruins (Kazangakure Ruins)
Village Rank: Fomer Kage, G.T.F. ((Galatax Task Force))
Skill Rank: SS-Rank

The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] 33985926

Skill Specialty:
Sub:Medical ninjutsu,Weaponry

Elemental Affinity:

Special Characteristics: Since early childhood, Cut has displayed great skill and use of various ninja tools which has grown and diversified over time. Cut was trained in range weaponry. He is also skilled in the use of wire strings, using them for a variety of purposes ranging from rappelling, to manipulating the path of his shurikens, to ensnaring an opponent and setting them on fire. He has a high level with both trap and weapon-based tactics. Cut became a skilled swordsman. He also acquired a light sabar, and the use of kenjutsu has become a major part of his fighting style. Cut lethal swordsmanship is shown to very versatile, using impressive speed and precision behind his attacks, leaving little time for enemies to dodge or counter. He can effectively use it in either a normal or reverse grip, giving him various attack styles and the ability to attack or defend from various angles, allowing him to easily change his attack type to suit the situation. Cut is also well-versed in weapons use such as blaster and other gun weapons.

Tactics Specialty:Assult tactic
Cut can use alchemehy he resume the assullat with a fallow up with weaponry attacks.This allows him to take adavatge of the situation to try and gain the odds on the battle ground.

The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] 34400367

Name: Galactic Goblet
Appearance: Is a mechainacl glove.
Rank: S-Rank
Special Abilities: The Galactic Goblet has kanji written on it's finger tip lens like stature. Each engraving is a different Alchemy jutsu Cut created. This allow Cut to use five different forms of Alchemy with out the use of hand signs or a transmution circle. The Galactic Goblet runs on chakra batteries.The Galactic can fire beams of cutting chakra as well. The cutting power is strong enough to cut a tree down. There are various of attachments as well that allow the Galactic Goblet vast abilities. One is two magnet attached wrist lachet allowing the user to control and float metal objects.

Origin: Cut's newest weapon creation

Name: Blaster
Appearance: (A pic or brief description of the object)
Rank: B-Rank
Special Abilities: A ray gun.
Origin: Cut always kept a blaster.

Name: Light Saber
Appearance: (A pic or brief description of the object)
Rank: B Rank
Special Abilities: See light saber.
Origin: Cut always kept a light saber

Name: Atomic explodsives
Appearance: Oval sape grenedes with a red button,and a sivlerish color
Rank:SS Rank
Special Abilities: The Atomic explodsives are nuclear bombs that will disgrate anything in 5 meters. The bomb takes out everything in's radius of it 5 meters.
Origin: All the leaders of the three planets came together and allowed Cut to create these weapons using chemical was fare inorder to destory the Juubi.

Name: Chemical explodsives,Bioloical warefare explodsives
Appearance: Oval sape grenedes with a green button,and a black color
Rank:SS Rank
Special Abilities: The cheimcal explodsives are cheimcal bombs that will infect the target with toxin or diease. This most of the time result in death.
Origin: All the leaders of the three planets came together and allowed Cut to create chemical was fare inorder to destory the Juubi.

Appearance:The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] DBZ_Scouter_by_Drifter85m
Special Abilities: The scouter breaks body a person chakra amount based on a power level scale. Which can be broken down on charts.This gives the user a scale of numbers are well. The charts are based on differnt races from all ranks.
Origin:After the study of the hyuuga doujutsu Cut created scouters for the Mustafrian race to gain an adavantge by knowing their oppent chakra amount. The scouter allows them to rate the chakra level on a scale of power levels which are classfied in charts.

The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] 13990549
Medical Ninjutsu

Name: Robotics
Rank: A
Type:Medical Ninjutsu
Element: Metal
Description: Cut's understanding with part of the human body. He will send metal into a person after making hand signs. He will then create a mechanical limb for the subject and send thin metal rods. That have the ability to connect with the nervous system and give off commandments to the mechanical limb.

Name: Cyboric
Rank: A
Type: medical ninjutsu
Element: Metal
Description: To use this jutsu cut will make contact witht eh subject. He send metal robs through the subect body. Resturing their appearance to a more mechincal feature. The rods will conduct chakra to the nervous system giving the once dead subject movement once more. Cut use this to create mechincal beings to fight along side with him. Most of the time he gives them basic melee weapons.

Alchemy Jutsu

Name: Chimeric Alchemy
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Alchemy ninjutsu
Element: N/a
Description: Chimeric Alchemy is a branch of bio-alchemy that seeks to alchemically "marry" two dissimilar life forms into a new creature, but even though this science skirts the line of playing God, the prohibition of Human Transmutation forbids alchemists from incorporating human beings into the practice of chimera production. However, there are alchemists who flout this decree and step across the threshold into monstrous experimentation. Cut, the Sewing-Life Alchemist, was the first recorded alchemist to successfully create a Human Chimera, created a full-animal chimera capable of human speech having created several human-animal hybrids of increasing versatility.

Name: Weapon Alchemy
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Alchemy ninjutsu
Element: N/a
Description: Weaponry Alchemy is a branch of Alchemy that allows the user to create various of weapons that they have knowelge of. They Alchemy also allows the user to create any advance weaponry as well.

Name: Structure Alchemy
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Alchemy ninjutsu
Element: N/a
Description: Structure Alchemy is a branch of Alchemy that allow the user to create various of stuctures. The can create towers and building of all sizes. However this requires a lot of chakra. The Buildings can have weapons as traps builded inside it.

Name: Vehicle Alchemy
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Alchemy ninjutsu
Element: N/a
Description: Structure Alchemy is a branch of Alchemy that allow the user to create various of vehicles.They can create any type of vehicle. The vehicles are seen to have weapons.

Name: Forbidden Gate Opeing Alchemy
Rank: X-Rank
Type: Alchemy ninjutsu
Element: N/a
Description: This Alchemy is a branch of Alchemy that allows the user to create various of various of dimessions. This allows the user to teleport all sorts of things into the dimmessions as well of planet traveling.

The legendary Juubi Killer (Cut) [complete] 99863195

History: A young child growing on planet mustar was not an easy time. The mustarians raged war on the Geonosisian Race force to defend them self. This was during the time when the Geonosisian Race were being aducted and placed under arrest by the Mustar planet's king. He then forced the Geonosisian Race into slavery. They were force to be the slave of the mustarians.

The Hidden Volcano (Kazangakure) was Cut's very own village where he was Kage. Kazangakure was Cut's home village. He grew up there. He used to study cravings he found craved on a volcano. How ever his village was soon destroyed. Nearly ever Geonosisian all the Geonosisian race was taken into slavery.

The seriously wounded Cut soon awaken in from unconscious. A voice spoke saying " I had preserve you to bring my sheep on to me. That you are my profit and I am your God." The voice had a power massive be hide it. I am your creator." Cut submitted to the voice accepted it was true.

The voice began to speak to Cut and told him many things. He had Cut also teach the truth of the creation. To say god created the universe and he was the highest power in all the galaxy. Many people laughed and they called Cut a blasphemer ,this is why he had the nickname the prophet of Blaspheme.

Cut was the creature of the Mustar planet Arsenal and technology. His knowledge was vast because all the things he knew. He next greatest weapon he made for the humans. The android race to protect the humans.

Cut found him self very attractive to the human species and had countless amount of inner course. Leaving him full of stories of romances. Cut study all the human's histories. He learn about every single clan and village. Orochimaro taught Cut many secrets of jutsu. In exchange Cut shared his knowledge. Together they found a way to bring back the dead. Cut's intellengce being higher then Ocochimaro advance in this discovery greatly.Cut also explain to Minato how they use space travel. He taught him things that allowed him use the FTG. Cut also meet the first hokage and helped him obtain the power to control the bijuu.

Cut was know for studying various study of studies and things created on other planets he visited. He learn just about all the knowledge of the universe. He created many things on planets evolving the whole universe.

Cut has also used his bloodline with Alchemy to create the Homunculi. He created them for him to control. The Homunculi has granted him the step to become more like god itself.
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