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Bloodline Transfusion Guide

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Bloodline Transfusion Guide

Post by KappaTaijiya Theshon on Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:08 pm

Bloodline Transfusion Guide:

More and more, people are wanting kekkei genkai transfers, and we're seeing this kind of thing happen more and more in the world of naruto. Each clan has a large portion of their abilities granted to them by their own unique abilities. These abilities are given to the clan members upon birth, and ingrained in their genetics. That does not mean that each and every member of a clan will be able to awaken the genetic abilities, but that each has the chance to do so. However, this also means that others have the ability to implant these genetics within themselves through the use of highly advanced medical ninjutsu. When this is done, different individuals have the ability to gain the genetics of another clan and activate their jutsu to some degree. There are, however rules that go along with these kinds of serious kekkei genkai transfusions, and they are to be followed very closely. There is also a huge amount of risk involved with these kinds of things - so be wary about that when making the choice to have you character undergo kekkei genkai transfusion. The rules for this kind of operation are given for you below in sets. Understand that each rule must be followed and mods/admins are going to hover over this topic in order to check if it is legitimate. Kekkei genkai transplants can be done in order to gain kekkei genkai of all kinds, whether you be gaining a doujutsu, or another kind of bloodline, the same rules apply.

Who Can Perform This Surgery:
This is a highly advanced medical surgery that may only be performed by jounin class or higher ranking ninja with expert skills in this field. Only jounin class ninja with medical ninjutsu in their main skill specialty are able to perform surgeries like this (as well as S rank ninja with medical secondary), however, depending at how experienced they are, it will require a great deal more from that shinobi in order to actually achieve a successful transfusion. S rank ninja with medical ninjutsu as their secondary are also able to perform this surgery with the same proficiency that a jounin with medical main would be able to do so with. As such, and in summary, only medical ninjutsu shinobi of the jounin class or higher may perform this kind of surgery; that is if and only if they have medical ninjutsu as their main (or if they are S rank with medical ninjutsu as their sub skill). This rule is not to be debated, and tertiary medical ninjutsu skill specialties will be denied.

Word Requirement:
For this surgery, there is a massive word requirement that is not be to looked at as petty. If the word requirement is not met, then the surgery will fail, and possibly horrible things could happen to the characters as a result. Depending on the rank of the shinobi, and whether they have medical ninjutsu as their main or secondary specialty, there are different word counts that are needed. Below, those word counts are given.

A Rank Medics With Medical Ninjutsu Primary:
Total of 10,000 words to perform the procedure. Patient must heal for one real life week.
S Rank Medics With Medical Ninjutsu Primary:
Total of 6,000 words to perform the procedure. Patient must heal for four real life days.
S Rank Medics With Medical Ninjutsu Secondary:
Total of 7,000 words to perform the procedure. Patient must heal for four real life days.

Note: Healing means that the character cannot be rped with in any other conditions other than being hospitalized, and bed ridden. Any attack on a character who is within this healing bracket is a auto hit due to their vulnerability; this is the case unless a third party intervenes.

What Kind Of Jutsu Does It Take:

Medics need a medical jutsu that targets the area of surgery they are performing, such as the eyes, arms, legs, etc. This jutsu can be no lower in rank than A rank or else the surgery will fail. Failure in the surgery results in the individual going under surgery to die, unless further, advanced medical precautions can be taken.
They need an A rank or above healing jutsu for basic healing during and after the procedure.
They need a B Rank or above sterilizing jutsu to make sure that the kekkei genkai/cellular/genetic additions do not cause infection, and are thus not rejected by the body.
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