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Poison Guide

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Poison Guide  Empty Poison Guide

Post by KappaTaijiya Theshon on Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:12 pm

Poison Guide, Rules, And Template:

Ground Rules:
Poison Guide  TsunadeRender
One: Poison may only be made by those with Medical Ninjutsu, or puppetry. This means that only shinobi with Medical Ninjutsu, or Puppetry as their main, sub, or tertiary specialty may actually create poisons, period. Should someone have Medical Ninjutsu or Puppetry as their tertiary skill, then the same single rank below rule applies as always.

Two: Even when purchased, others without Medical Ninjutsu or Puppetry cannot use poisons as well as the creator of the poison, or another shinobi that specializes in poisonous arts. Because of this, and this alone, poisons can only be used by non Medical Ninjutsu/Puppetry users at a single rank down. For example, an A rank ninja with no trace of Medical Ninjutsu/Puppetry could only use a B rank poison, or the B rank level of a multi-ranked poison (C-A, for example). Shinobi with Medical Ninjutsu/Puppetry as tertiary may also only use the poison at a rank below, which is normal.

Three: Depending on the rank of the poison, there are different guidelines that need to be followed in terms of their severity. For instance, a C ranked poison should not be able to kill the target, nor heal them greatly. B rank poisons are slightly more deadly, however their effects should take a long time before they can kill someone, and leave many indicators of the symptoms. What is more, they should not be entirely hard to cure. A rank poisons are more lethal, and act more quickly. These poisons are harder to fend off, and can kill someone, but it is still nothing too quick. S rank poisons are extremely lethal, and can easily kill someone, as well as being hard to cure. That said, even still, S rank poisons are not instantly killing, while they can be deadly. As a general note, poisons that are introduced to the blood stream directly are more powerful then those that are inhaled in the air, simple because of the balance of application. Solids are, perhaps, are also very dangerous, and can be considered the most dangerous - liquid poisons are considered as dangerous when introduced into the blood stream directly; liquids that soak through the skin are weaker, along with air born poisons. Moderator's, keep this in mind.

The Template:

Name: [The name of your poison.]
Rank: [The level of your poison.]
Application: [How is your poison applied. Is it solid, a powder, a gas, and how is it distributed in combat. Is it an ointment that you spread with your fingers, or a liquid that you spread on weapons; or even something fancy like an incense that gives off toxic smoke.]
Range: [Depending on its application, what is its range? Obviously a liquid that is bring spread onto your sword would not have an infinite range; it would be the range of whatever it is spread on. In the example of incense, how far does the smoke travel while still retaining enough concentration to be toxic?]
Effects: [Describe the effects on the body in technical terms, not in turns. Basically, what is it actually doing to the target's body and how does it damage/heal the target(s)?]
Turns: [This is where you list the effects of the poison in turns as they would apply in RP. Keep in mind that, depending on the rank of the poison, it may take longer to come by certain effects.]


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