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Hidden Storm (Arashigakure)

  • Hidden Storm (Arashigakure)

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  • Hebi no tō

    The Hebikage's office, located in the tallest tower of the village in the exact same place the former Kinzoku castle used to be. When his grandfather fell at his hands Takeshi raised this magnificent structure from the rubble and now makes his office in the highest floor overlooking everyone nearly eighty stories below. The top of the tower has been formed into the shaped of a serpent's head overlooking the gates of the village, no one knows what resides inside this metal snake skull but often times sounds can be heard coming from it.
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  • Temple of Thor

    The temple of Thor is one of the only real sacred places in the entire village, its halls are composed of solid white marble slabs with highlights of electrified emerald that has been touched up with splashes of gold to add a true feeling of lightning to the area. Overlooking the village from the top of a large hill the structure is said to be the true throne of Thor so that he may watch over his faithful and keep them safe.
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  • Loki's Delight

    A small and insignificant building in appearance, this local bar has for years been fooling people by making them think it is just a run down establishment in the middle of the village. However on the inside it is nearly three times the size it looks from outdoors and the interior is tastefully decorated in silks and bright colors.
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  • Wall of the World Serpent

    This is the first lines of protection for Arashigakure, the tall walls rise high into the air and at points almost appear to scrape the sky. The entire construct has been sculpted over the course of several centuries by generations of craftsman families to have the appearance of scales so that when the storms are extremely heavy intruders and other passers by would confuse the wall as an actual giant serpent. Directly on the outside of these walls is a giant moat nearly a quarter mile across to prevent easy intrusion.
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  • Hel's Deep

    A large prison built directly into a mountain located on the southern end of the village. The winding passages are like a labyrinth to those who are not extremely familiar with tham so people are often lost inside. This legend behind this gloomy over sized jail is that the goddess Hel constructed it from the bones of those whom she had tortured and now both their spirits and Hel herself haunt the insides. Those sent here for prison time are some of the most dangerous criminals in the country so access is restricted to those with an access pass signed by the Hebikage himself.
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  • Showering Plains

    Located just outside the moat surrounding the walls of Arashigakure are flat lands that go on for miles upon miles. The plains are always covered in storms of varying levels, these downpours range from a light sprinkling rain to a raging thunder storm. The most violent storms are normall close to the village itself and grow less and less in degree as you move away.
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  • Fenrir's Grove

    This is often referred to as the “Black Forest”. The nickname is often thought to have come from the dark pigmentation of the barks and leaves of the trees that grow there while in reality it is because whenever someone goes at least twenty feet into the forest the thickness of the trees is dense enough to block out the majority of sunlight whenever the storms are inactive.
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  • Valhalla

    Valhalla, Hall of the Slain, in Arashigakure mythology is the hall presided over by Odin. This vast hall has five hundred and forty doors. The rafters are spears, the hall is roofed with shields and breast-plates litter the benches. A wolf statue guards the entrance and an eagle that has been carved into the wall hovers over it. This grand structure is used for two main purposes, the eastern half as a graveyard of all those who have fallen in combat and the western half which is filled with numerous arenas and fighting circles for both training as well as contest and showings of strength.
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  • Kinzoku Castle

    A gigantic structure on the south side of the village, this is not the ancient castle of the Kinzoku clan but a new one raised by the clan head with the help of his fellow benders after the defeat of Hagane. This building is where the clan makes their home and while the sleeping quarters are off limits to the public the grand halls are often the location of parties.
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