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Coruscant Storyline

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Coruscant Storyline

Post by KappaTaijiya Theshon on Tue Jan 22, 2013 12:19 am

The Coruscantians are the oldest race in the universe they traveled for years to other plants posing as gods and teaching jutsu. They are believed to be the creators of jutsu. They taught all the races how to use jutsu and chakra. Some believe it was the Coruscantians that created the bijuu on earth.

The coruscantians often visit earth to be wroth-ship and adored by the humans. It had been over 500 years till their last visit on the planet earth. But they sense the power of the Juubi be unleashed. The Coruscantians prepare to aid the humans.

The Coruscantians soon meet the sage of six paths. They taught him their forms of jutsu and he taught them how to use ninjutsu. The Sage of sith path instructed them to go the other planets and teach them how to use ninjutsu. This was to protect the world for evil.

The Bijuuians are mysterously created on coruscant and goes on a wild killing spree. They attack the Coruscantians in their villages. The Bijuuians unaware of their maker scense the power of the juubi and wish to connect with it and serve it.
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